Tamara“Sometimes we all struggle with maintaining confidence in ourselves; I know I do at times. However, the key is to push through the insecurities and remind ourselves that we are unique with many gifts & talents to offer the world. I founded Born For Greatness Youth Empowerment Resources as a solution to build confidence in children and help them to stay focused & motivated. One of my favorite quotes is from the late actress Beah Richards, and she said, “The World You Want To Live In Needs You To Create It”. As long as there are children there is hope, because children come into this world with a clean slate and grow to become products of their environment (which includes family, school, community & media). We can create the world we want to live in by building confident children who impact the world in a positive way. We need to constantly remind our children that they are BORN FOR GREATNESS!!!” ~ Tamara Shirer